Bromley Common Baptist Church

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Secret Place

This page, which is about the 'Secret Place', or the 'Shelter of the Most High' mentioned in Psalm 91 was given to our previous Pastor and we share it with you now, it contains words which the LORD spoke to him in 2007, whilst listening in the Secret Place:

“Tell my people that I have a plan for each and every one of them; a plan not to harm them, but to prosper them. I know what I am doing, even in the midst of your darkest times, I can prepare a table for them in the presence of their enemy. However, they need to follow Me. I AM the good Shepherd, and they need to follow My voice.

They need to follow the Shepherd if they want guidance, safety and sustenance. 

Like I’ve said, ’I long to gather them, as a hen gathers her chicks’, and I will do, but for now, my secret place is to be sought. The Shadow of the Almighty is a sanctuary that is here for those who seek it. Like I said to you: I honour the relationship you have with Me’.

My secret place is for everyone, yet, it is a reward received by those who esteem it and seek it. My hand comes with my face, but my face does not automatically come with My hand. Those who seek My face, naturally experience My mighty hand. Those who cry out only for My hand receive My hand, but soon find themselves in more perilous situations.

The wise seek My face with diligence and hunger, for they know that I am a rewarder. The biggest reward anyone can receive, is to dwell in my secret place and fellowship with Me. Even the angels desire this reward. If only My children would want to spend time with Me. I long for My children to come to know Me. I want to talk with them about their lives and My desire and plans for their lives.

Take this message wherever I send you David. I want My children to come and get to know Me. I want them to reach their full potential that I see in them. And most of all, I love them, and I want them to know it and experience it, through intimate relationship with Me.