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Thoughts from 'Y Cwtch'

'Y Cwtch' is our little private prayer place, a place of reflection and peace.  Cwtch is a Welsh word, meaning to cuddle, swaddle and to feel safe.

Y Cwtch

1 September 2021

Fran reflects on the start of autumn and new beginnings.  The next in an occasional series of thoughts from the 'cwtch'.  Stay safe and be blessed.  F & R.

1 July 2021


17th June 2021

Here is the first of a regular short reflection on 'life, the universe and everything' from Richard and Fran. This week Fran reflects on a 'safe space'.

3rd April 2021

2nd April 2021

Good Friday

1st April 2021

31st March 2021

30th March 2021

29th March 2021

27th March 2021

25th March 2021

Look out for the new things God is doing

24th March 2021

23rd March 2021

22nd March 2021

20th March 2021

'Who is Jesus for you?"

19th March 2021

"What do you want?"

18th March 2021

17th March 2021

John 8:1-11

16th March 2021

''What do you want me to do for you?'

15th March 2021

'Following the way of Jesus'

13th March 2021

'Who do you say that I am'

12th March 2021

'Feeding the 5000, with a twist'

11th March 2021

'Mountain Tops and Valleys'

10th March 2021

'Navigating the storms of life'

9th March 2021

'Why don't you....'

8th March 2021

'an alternative take on the women at the well'

6th March 2021

being attentive

5th March 2021

See I am doing a new thing

4th March 2021

'Adventures on the journey'

3rd March 2021

2nd March 2021 - St Chad's journey

1st March - St David's Day

27th Febraury 2021

'retracing our steps' - Naomi's journey

26th February 2021

'When it all get's too much - Elijah's journey'

25th February 2021

Lent Reflection Day 9 - There maybe trouble ahead

24th February 2021

Lent Reflection - Day 8

23rd February 2021

Lent Reflection - Day 7

22nd February 2021

Lent Reflection Day 6

20th February 2021

Lent Reflection Day 4

'The Journey continues - Burning Bridges'

19th February 2021

Lent Reflection - Day 3

Hagar - 'The God who sees me'

18th February 2021

Lent Reflection - Day 2

17th February 2021

Ash Wednesday - Lent Reflection Day 1

16th February 2021

An introduction to our Lent reflections

10th January 2021

Can I share a brief thought today which will hopefully encourage you.

The other day I was in my office catching up with long overdue personal administration, finances and planning for the future that were causing some irritation and stress.  I had shut the door in the hope of not being disturbed.  It did not take long for my ears to discern, first a faint scratching at the door; ignore it I thought.  Then came a faint mewing at the fringes of my conscious mind; ignore it I thought.  Then a brief respite where I exhaled a sigh of relief.  Then more persistent scratching and louder mewing and what seemed to be the sound of a toddler throwing themselves against the wood mid tantrum.  

By this time I was already too distracted by the noise and disturbance to concentrate on my present, personal conundrum.  So I opened the door and our ginger tomcat ‘Ethne’ strolled in casually and circled me, wrapping his tail around my legs.  Thinking I could perhaps work with an affectionate cat in the same room I determined to press on.  A mistake!  Ethne decided to sit on my computer keyboard, typing several rows of ‘W’s’ with his paw and butting my arm with his head at the same time.  He wanted attention and he wanted it now and he wasn’t going to go until he got it.

Giving up on my ‘important’, admin task I stroked, cuddled and embraced our affectionate furry friend.  I soon became more relaxed and was able to distance myself from our current problems; my heart rate slowed down and my breathing became steadier and even.  As I looked into his beautiful 'marble like’ cat-eyes I was able to appreciate the beauty and creativity of God’s creation.  Our problems, real or imagined receded into the background and I was able to put them into perspective and pray about them as I stroked and cuddled Ethne.  When he eventually became tired of the attention and simply wanted to go and lie down in his cat bed I went back to my task with renewed focus.

My point?  I simply want to remind us today that sometimes we leave God outside of our problems and issues; on the periphery.  But he pursues us with a relentless love and passion, trying to get our attention, but we sometimes ignore him, trying to carry on in our old habits; trying to solve things ourselves in our own strength and wisdom.  So, let God in on every aspect of your life, don’t lock him out.  Spend time with him, enjoy his presence with you just as he enjoys spending time with you, his dear child.  When we do this, things became clearer and we are able to see with greater clarity and he brings us peace and strength for the task ahead, whatever that might be. 

I will be sending out a regular letter next week which will contain opportunities to catch up and share fellowship and prayer on line during this time of separation.

God Bless

Richard and Fran 

Christmas Day 2020

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Advent Daily Thought 1

Easter Sunday greetings from some members.

Cross designed By Sandra

Cross by Sandra

Cross designed by Lyn Wood

Cross - Mike and Lynn

An Easter Poem from Sandra Boreham

Easter - Luke 24


Some dark sad days have come and gone

days when I didn’t think I could carry on.

He died you see on a wooden tree

I didn’t think that was how it was going to be.


On Sunday I had a task to do

and taking spices we set off us two

to see that the body was treated just right

but on reaching the tomb we got such a fright!


The stone that was large had been rolled away

and men in clothing that gleamed spoke, and did say:

“Why do you look for the living among the dead?”

For a moment I thought I’d gone daft in the head.


“He is not here He has risen just as He said He would do

don’t you recall him saying all this to you?”

My memory became clear, he did say he would

and I turned and I ran as fast as I could.


Reaching the house we told the disciples gathered there,

it’s nonsense said some but Peter ran off like a hare

and checked in the tomb and saw Jesus body was gone

and thought to himself what on earth has gone on?


Do you believe what I’m saying there is still more

In the hours that followed Jesus all of us saw

he gave us a mission to tell others His news

and I’m hoping to follow Him is what you will choose.


I found the following verse of a hymn which I thought was very apt for this most unusual Easter time.


               Jesus lives! Our hearts know well,

               Nought from us His love shall sever,

               Life, nor death, nor powers of hell,

               Tear us from His keeping ever.



How great to know that though we may be physically separated from our church family for now , even the corona virus can’t separate us from our Saviour’s love!

Isaiah 26;3-4 are comforting verses too I find.



                                              God bless,



10th April 2020

Good Friday

9 April 2020 

Maundy Thursday

Content taken from

1 April 2020

30th March 2020

Yesterday I had a bit of a 'meltdown' and a very frustrating day. Despite my best efforts having prepared an online message I couldn't post it for all sorts of frustrating technical reasons. Then I fell into the trap of comparing myself to other pastors, other leaders, other churches; 'look what they have done! That's very clever, witty, incisive, powerful, professional; look how much they are posting'. Then the guilt and shame; 'I have let people down, i'm useless, i'm not doing enough!' A downward spiral.
Why would a Christian (let alone a pastor) feel like like this. Well we are much like anyone one else when it comes down to it; vulnerable, fragile and sometimes struggling to work out what it means to be a pastor in these anxious times. But then I was reminded:
.. God loves you. If you’ve not created beautiful art, not crafted the perfect online liturgy for your church community, not eloquently expressed an online reassuring theology for our present experience or managed much more than waking up each day... God loves you.
He loves you, he loves you, he loves you! He is pleased with your faltering baby steps as you adjust to the new normal and find your footing.
We have been talking a lot about being kind to others but remember to be kind to yourself in these difficult times. Do your best you don't know what a difference your words or actions make to a person, or in a particular situation.
Will have another go at posting my message from yesterday later.....
Be blessed and know God's perfect peace in these interesting time.

28th March 2020

Thank you to Jon Pocock from the Lee Abbey Christian Community in Devon for this lovely new song offering comfort and strength in difficult times

(with permission)

27th March 2020

23rd March 2020

In the midst of these times of confusion and anxiety we have been sitting in the garden reading and reflecting. Enjoying the sunshine, watching the robin on the feeder less than two feet away. The cherry tree is starting to bloom. Noticing other signs of new life and breathing in peace; the peace of God. Resting in his presence and becoming more human. We are called to be human beings and not human doings. We are not judged on our productive abilities to make or do and to be better than someone else. We are called to remember that he says' "be still and know that I am God". In these anxious times take time to be still seeking nothing but the face of God. Be blessed and be safe. Richard and Fran. ❤️��

21st March 2020