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BR2 8PE 

I will sing of the Lords great love
Thank you Cynthia Thurgood for making this lovely banner for our church. We look forward to seeing it up when we are able to return and to give thanks.
It is with great regret, but after prayerful consideration of the new advice with regards to gatherings as well as the demographic of our fellowship with many at higher risk, there will be no meetings at Bromley Common Baptist Church until we have been told that it is safe to do so. All of our brothers and sisters in different denominations are having to go through the same process.
We understand that Church can be a lifeline for our fellowship and the idea of not meeting together can be concerning for us and we may feel a sense of real grief. However, be assured that we will soon have a strategy in place to ensure all people will continue to receive Pastoral support during this time.
We are committed to finding new ways of being Church in these anxious and unprecedented times; meeting the needs of our church family and the community around us. Please stay in touch. Richard Bellingham (Minister)