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Dear members and friends of Bromley Common Baptist Church,

In the light of the new increasingly restrictive ‘National lock-Down, stay at home rules’ laid down by the UK government and in response to the more virulent strain of COVID-19 and the increased risk it poses, particularly to the vulnerable and elderly; the leadership have the following important announcement to make.

It is with a heavy heart, after much thought, consultation, and wrestling with this issue that myself and the deacons of Bromley Common Baptist Church have to announce the following.  ‘until further notice we will not be meeting in person for services and meetings.  We will continue to meet remotely where possible; services will be posted online and opportunities made to gather by zoom and other means.

In principle places of worship are exempt and can still meet together in line with COVID-19 regulations.  However, just because we can meet together does not mean that it is right and appropriate to do so.

In a very recent communication from the London Baptist Association one of the regional ministers was as explicit as they could be in telling us not to meet without actually saying so in words.  They advised ministers and churches of our duty of care towards church members (and I would add the wider community) and whether we should be encouraging them to venture out in a ‘stay at home’ area.  Especially those who are elderly or vulnerable.  It also seems likely that more stringent restrictions might well be in place soon.  

The virus is now more virulent and easier to spread putting us, our families and friends at potential risk and I am sure you will agree that we are a more vulnerable group in general.   We have concluded therefore that rather than insisting on our right to meet (as some churches have done) it would be a better witness to our neighbours who have also sacrificed so much, to remain closed; this is really an act of loving care and concern for our neighbours and friends.  As Jesus said we are to love our neighbours as ourselves. 

We hope and trust that you will understand our reasons for making this difficult and painful decision.

We will be trying to find ways to connect and encourage us all during this difficult time, so watch this space. 

Every Blessing

Richard and the leadership team of Bromley Common Baptist Church 


I will sing of the Lords great love
Thank you Cynthia Thurgood for making this lovely banner for our church. We look forward to seeing it up when we are able to return and to give thanks.