Bromley Common Baptist Church

"A fellowship to share and a faith to proclaim"


It is clear from the ministry of Jesus, that God wants everyone well: body, mind and spirit. This has not changed, and His healing still flows through Jesus today. 

The same Holy Spirit of God that empowered Jesus, lives in every Christian today!

As Christians, the Bible makes it clear that we are to share the Good News of Jesus to everyone, everywhere....and the Good News of Jesus, as well as forgiveness of sins, includes healing too.

Q. But what about the times when someone is prayed for and nothing happens?

A. The truth is, we don't know - but we choose not to let this stop us from persevering, because God is love.

As a church, we are growing in our experience of healing ministry, which also includes deliverance of evil spirits when necessary (also known as exorcism).

 If you feel you require physical or spirtual healing, please contact our Pastor: or alternativley, check out the Healing On The Streets website, which we are a part of: